Some of my history at the IMVS (now SA Pathology)

Reminiscing about my time at the IMVS, I was a bit of a work-horse in automation and metals: in metals I was doing the work of about 3 people. Of course I was never rewarded for it  but the bastards were always keen to reward others! Well I said “No more!” and was not going to exert myself anymore unless it was accompanied with rewards.

From memory you left there in July 1981, well believe it or not I actually left way before you: in early 1980 (for all intensive purposes), as after that I was only doing the barest of minimum and just going through the motions. This was triggered when I learnt that this very immature girl with no qualifications - who all she knew was how to giggle and laugh for no reason all the time – was promoted to TO2 and made to run the SMAC! Here was I with all this expertise in that area and a lot of time spent in Automation - and not only that, I was a qualified TO, yet they always chose to overlook me. My anger went through the roof… had it been somebody else and in a US culture, I’m sure the place would have been shot-up! I instantly applied for a job at the ENWS and was angered even more when the administration opened my application and sent me to see bloody Des Geary, who made out he wanted to help when he was really the source of the bloody problem!

Then I was angered even more when the job as a deputy in Automation came up and was given to that Irishman … I had been the one who had taught those bloody machines to that Irish drunk who couldn’t even speak proper English. Then after you left, in the end of 1981 that bastard Geary made out he was trying to help me get a promotion after I complained to the director… but he stuffed me up completely by lying to the Admin claiming that I had got an A for Biometry… ( perhaps he meant to say “Medical Laboratory Practice for which I got an A)… but I think he did it on purpose to stuff me up because I don’t know who was informing one of my rivals, but this rival came to me demanding to know what I had got for Biometry: I had actually got a B but I was doing 7 subjects that year not just one or two, and had not even told the administration I was doing that subject - it was only for my own interest… (the first time I was doing both Biometry and Advanced Clinical Chemistry in 1976 I had been promised distinctions from both lecturers but withdrew due to pressures about my research from 3 people :JBE, RGE and TDG). Yes the stress in 1981 was astronomical as I was doing 3/4 of a full time study year, working full-time, doing overtime and carrying-out breakthrough research in whatever time I could spare

Anyway I guess I had the last laugh because I became a man of leisure with my super and moved on to much bigger things, whereas most of those people came to a bad end: some  had moved with Technicon and lost their job as the latter went bust... many others were seconded to elsewhere, Des Geary was terminated… etc. etc. The best part was that some sort of order and process was brought into their promotion system, such that no womanizer could promote every woman he felt like... this was the best result from my legal action.

Anyway in conclusion, I hope you’re doing very well and that you can forgive me for that bit of friction we had in 1980-81… as you can now see I was under a lot of stress and did not appreciate most of those people that were supposedly your friends.

Frank Pio Russo.

PS : another amazing thing about my special physiology is that since 2002/2003 I haven’t needed to sleep at all except for when they pumped me full of drugs in Glenside in 2005 and for when I went on insulin at which time I slept a little whilst my body was adjusting to the insulin.

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