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Scientific Theology on

Frank Pio Russo - January 30, 2017.

Einstein supposedly said that "religion without science is blind and science without religion is lame"... I Frank Pio Russo on the other hand, say that "true science and true religion are one and the same philosophy with no contradictions at all" !!

We can carry out a project at our level for a whole year, and most people would probably see science at work. However one could make a supplication to the "Force", and perhaps the same project might be carried out in one 'instant' !!

"It's a miracle !" the crowd would shout... "true religion at work !". However such masses would be oblivious to the fact that the two events are equivalent: in the former it's us scientists at our level, that have gone ahead and made the project... whereas in the latter it's the scientists at one level down - in the quantum world - who have manufactured it: there one of our seconds becomes 10 to the 40 seconds - that's a one followed by 40 zeros! So as you can see, it's still science at work by whatever name one wants to call it !

I have devoted my life to exposing all forms of pseudo-science, and to making the true inner workings of the force of the universe manifest. I have always been self-funded and never received not even one cent from any government of any kind, be it local, state or federal! However the time has come to expand my work beyond its immediate horizons - as a new scientific movement... any contributions for this purpose for the time being, can be made on the PayPal donate buttons on the "main" and "index left page" (plus on various other key pages), where you don't have to be a member of PayPal but can also use a credit card instead. Furthermore there is a bank account also provided, plus funds could also be sent to: "Frank Pio Russo", PO Box 90 Campbelltown, South Australia, AUSTRALIA 5074.

Thank you for all your support... "May the Force be vindicated !"

"A beginning and yet with infinite time! Fast Quantum Gods at lower levels! With time speeding up the smaller you go because Gravity remains undiluted!"