On the interchangeability of matter and energy!

Frank Russo - November 05, 2010.

There's no interchangeability between matter and energy... energy does not have an entity of its own! All "energy' is the result of moving matter and its impact on its surroundings!

People usually refer to energy as a separate and interchangeable state to matter. However, they are usually inconsistent when attempting to define this energy. They may refer to it as heat (latent or otherwise), electrical, potential, or kinetic energy etc. However they usually have to admit that this energy is conveyed by somewhat much smaller particles... be it photons or whatever... sometimes even maintaining that as particles get smaller, mass just breaks down into energy - a sort of fluid particle-less existence where the laws of physics break down!

Nevertheless, this is all nonsense, and energy is really the result of the action of moving particles... the reason people can't get a grip on this, is because it's conveyed by ever smaller particles. In an atomic bomb, the nuclei are usually bombarded with neutrons and become unstable, so that the atoms break down... hence its smaller constituent particles are flung out in all directions, with the resultant "energy" being equivalent to their "transition" mass multiplied by their speed squared, the latter being the speed of light squared! This formula then is the equivalent of the classical kinetic energy equation, with the difference being that you have the "transition" mass there, which is usually only half of the "gravitational" mass.

The average person could accept the foregoing more easily if they considered boiling water - the increase in temperature as water boils is actually caused by the increase in motion of the water molecules!

In conclusion then, one must consider all of this information in the light of my "big-bang" and "black-hole" papers... there is an infinitesimal 'scale' of smaller and smaller particles that actually aggregate to form bigger and bigger particles... so much so that the universe grows like a fractal, under the action of Gravity!

Frank Russo.



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