How I was drugged twice at the IMVS ( now SA Pathology) with LSD, leading to a pseudo stress illness.

Frank Pio Russo - May 24, 2018.

Clinical chemistry at the IMVS up to the 1980s was a very toxic environment. Everybody was dominated and bullied by a chief scientific officer who was a womanizer,. and the only way people were going to get anywhere was by crawling up his 'arse' and also by going boozing at the pub on Friday nights.

I expressed these sentiments to the chap who was running the Anti-cancer foundation and how any research being done at the IMVS wasn't worth very much at all... I then asked him to convene a meeting of the technical and scientific committee of the University of Adelaide so that I could convey some of my research ideas. Well it got back to the IMVS that I'd talked disparagingly about them and Peter Johnston who was working for Dr Bob Conyers came to tell me off ... he told me that my job was on the line and that I should be careful because I still had a mortgage.

In order to stop me from divulging about the toxic nature at the IMVS, I was then drugged with LSD. The bastards used the washing up lady with whom I was very friendly... in many years there she'd never offered me food now all of a sudden she offered me a couple of sandwiches which I refused a couple of times but she insisted that I eat them... I caved in and they were laced with LSD! Before long I couldn't even sort specimens one from another as this confusion started clouding my mind... I told Judy Gilliland I was having a nervous breakdown and went home... whilst driving home I was on a 'trip' where people were trying to kill me and this lasted for a day or two till the LSD was out of my system. Damage to me was very minimal but now the bastards knew that they should increase the dose.

This was towards the end of December 1981, and the chief SO apparently to make sure I'd never see a promotion, decided to bastardize the steroid lab by bringing in all these drugs so that this other technical officer could take over. Now the time was approaching for appointing somebody to take over the re-organized lab and I was walking in a crowd in Rundle Mall ... all of a sudden I felt a prick on my arm and by the time I got back to the lab, Sue Rippon - an SO - said that my speech had gone all slurry! It wasn't long and I was in a deep psychotic trip as the LSD dose was much higher this second time round and I ended up in Glenside Hospital and by the time I got out of hospital and got back to work everything had been reorganized and the drugs technical officer had taken over.

Now the worst bit was the fact that the Hospital had assumed I had an illness and put me on very powerful and addictive tranquillizers... this was disastrous as it was enough to keep generating the symptoms of a pseudo illness. I eventually ended up retiring on superannuation and sued the department. A  lecturer of mine who liked a love poem that I wrote in 1981, had wanted to go after that womanizer that year, but I had given him nothing to go on with... however in1987 I went to see him with the report that I had prepared for my lawyers to prosecute the case of ethnic discrimination. Now providence had stepped in and this lecturer was now running ethnic affairs as the secretary to the Attorney General, the latter being Sumner who was the minister for Ethnic Affairs. So I was not surprised that eventually an efficiency expert went to the IMVS and told the chief SO "you do nothing here your job is terminated!"

Now I moved into a totally new area and have made great breakthroughs and believe it or not one of those IMVS crawlers who used to live in the chief SO's 'arse', suggested that I send that bastard chief SO to pick-up one of my Nobel prizes if it's given to me... the moron was given a dream run at the IMVS and was allowed to become a principal scientific officer, whilst I languished at the bottom as a technical officer grade1. If the idiot had any sense he'd realize that all that chief SO deserves, is a big shit on his grave after he dies... that's assuming he doesn't get cremated.

Frank Pio Russo.

Ps. - It was very interesting that straight after the mature woman in her late 40s or early 50s drugged me with the LSD laced sandwiches, she was promoted from washing-up lady - responsible for washing the glassware and test tubes - to working in one of the labs preparing specimens for analysis on the Sequential Multiple Analyser with Computer, and I was sure that that bastard of a chief scientific officer was going to make her TO2 despite the fact that she had no qualifications just to cheese me off! Of course I was extremely well qualified but it certainly looked that the despicable bastard would try to demote me to technical assistant if he could get away with it! (May he rot in the grave permanently!)


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