I finally have a solution for a perplexing diabetic paradox!

Frank Pio Russo - September 6 - 2018.

Decades ago I often did sugar testing on diabetics, sometimes even whilst on-call in the middle of the night on some unconscious unfortunate patient. This was because I was the Biochemist on call at the IMVS, and seeing that my sleep was slowly disappearing, I didn't mind doing a lot of on-call work.

One perplexing thing that I noticed with a multitude of diabetics, is that most of them gave the impression that they had been undiagnosed diabetics for many years, and had managed quite okay! Well the puzzling thing to me, was that many of these long term diabetics seemed to drop like flies, and often die not long after their initial recognition as diabetics and going on actual treatment for their diabetes! I did really wonder what the hell is going with these poor bastards - is there some sort of conspiracy and someone is killing them off for some reason! After all people were constantly saying that diabetes was a big scam, with the pharmaceutical companies having the cure but preferring making the many billions selling the medications rather than healing the poor people!

However, I now have the answer for this paradox that's lurked in my mind for a number of decades, and seeing that it took considerable IQ and effort on my behalf to come up with my diabetic cure, I can assure people that the pharmaceutical companies have never had anything  even remotely resembling all of my correct explanations!

So what is the answer to my riddle/paradox? Well the problem with the patients mentioned, was that although they were actually sick, they were nevertheless not abstaining from sugar because they did not know they were diabetics, but once they were diagnosed with what some people called "the sugar disease", well they were naturally told to avoid sugar and watch out for carbohydrates that convert into sugar once in the body... and naturally as the sugar started to disappear from the circulation, this basic universal unit of human-body-energy was becoming unavailable and our watchful ever alert liver would come into play and synthesize and dump an avalanche of sugar into the circulation: sure it was trying to mitigate a difficult situation whist unaware that it was going too far and overdoing things by a great deal! And often this excess of much sugar, was too much for the patient to bear and deal with, and the patient often died!

I hope you liked understanding this paradox and I think I was able to bring it to you because my early teenage teachers at "Giosue' Carducci Scuola Statale" decided to give me a 9 for scientific observations whilst reserving the 10 for only God!

Frank Pio Russo.


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