Some considerations in the Michelson-Morley Experiment!

Frank Russo - April 16, 2008.

One must of course realize that the speed of light and of the earth are independent of each other so that by changing the length that the mirror travels in the away sub-interval, one also changes the amount of light-travel per second that such a mirror motion would require despite not changing the overall sub-interval. Another major consideration is that time is only an artefact: it is relative motion that is real rather than time!

Hence one must realize that if one shortens the amount the mirror travels by 0.166598191m to 2.091124102m, the amount of light travelled during this mirror motion (per second), is also shortened; with the amount of the latter's shortening being equivalent to 4,683,415.2m giving you a sub-interval of 2.091124102 / 49,272,606.19  ...  the latter being of the same duration as the overall subinterval for light, which is an independent  12.92192328/304475873.2


In view of the foregoing it is evident that relative motion is a very important factor central in any time considerations!

Frank Russo.

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