Zoominfo tries to "steal" my ID a third time!

Frank Pio Russo - December 25 2017.

Zoominfo should be banned from putting their 'half-cocked' information without getting the permission from the people involved!

Some years ago they had attributed my website and online ID, to some teacher called Frank Russo, then after I complained I recall that they attributed to another wrong person who was a lecturer at the University of South Australia: I contacted them and said that I was a semi-retired scientific author who wanted nothing to do with them whatsoever, and to abandon their fraudulent profile of me!

Now - years later - they've done it again! Today I reported them to "ACORN" and mentioned that they claim that I own a business with a revenue of 2.4 million dollars and 12 employees! I don't know what their motivation is... perhaps to attract fraudulent investments for someone - who knows?!

I hope they correct their mistake and leave me alone: I don't need any of their incompetence!

Here's just a tiny bit of their "Zoominfo":

Frank Russo



P.O. Box 90CampbelltownSouth Australia5074Australia View Map


$2.4 Million






Frank Russo, with an IQ of 170, has devoted 25 years to the study of relativity and the universe: here's a biographical introduction and some pictures. The acco... 

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