Why the pharmaceutical industry should be nationalized or in in the very least: heavily regulated.

Frank Pio Russo - April 09, 2016.

The cost of health and medicines is constantly skyrocketing upwards! "Private Hospital Cover" has been far outstripping the rise of inflation for quite some time, and most new medicines are unaffordable by the public at large!

Enough is enough! The government should take over the industry... i.e. set up its own cooperative-public non-profit companies, to drive these evil, greedy, pharmaceutical monstrosities out of major business. Let's face it they are totally corrupt! Their only expertise is in commercializing an idea... usually the particular research has virtually already been completed by our university faculties, and the pharmaceutical companies come in at the last phase throwing their 'chequebooks' around, and bribing all these doctors with free holidays, business trips, and all sorts of other goodies!

Furthermore, most of the many expensive and laborious trials of new drugs are carried out in hospitals - by mainly hospital staff - and end up costing very little to the drug companies! So why have them involved at all in the first place! Kick them out of the campuses, and have our governments pick-up the slack! We don't need such dishonest parasites, preying on the ideas of our bright university graduates and postdoctoral fellows.

What may not be in the public's view, is a very bad conundrum that constitutes a 'catch 22' that should be avoided at all cost. It is claimed that the pharmaceutical industry needs to be heavily protected by copy-right so that the research money will flow in... but that is utterly ridiculous (?) What's the point of coming up with products that people cannot afford to purchase... these evil bastards should be jailed as racketeers of some sort!

In actuality, the latter would be fantastic because our clever people will stand to benefit! No! Research is not going to grind to a halt... our students still need more and more fields in which to do their Masters and PhDs in, and there are still major prizes like the Nobel - (and other new ones) - to act as carrots or magnets to spur our researchers forward.

In conclusion, yes there is a case for completely scaling down the vast influence of pharmaceutical companies, which is being very deleterious to both our health and our wallets.

Frank Pio Russo.

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