Why the full absolute velocity is incorporated into the Michelson-Morley!

Frank Russo - June 02, 2010.

The orbital velocity of the earth relative to the sun is approximately about 30 km/sec. In view of the fact that this speed is fairly negligible, some persons have quibbled that the error margin in some Michelson-Morley(s) is somehow significant!

However, having measured the absolute velocity through aberration as  53,198,115.45 m/sec, I choose to correctly use this as the orbital velocity in the Michelson-Morley and thus 'cement' the fact that it gives a null result! This is why I normally don't show geometric orientations in most of my diagrams, as these would only relate to a position of our ever changing earth. Therefore, when I showed some orientation in the very recent diagram, one must realize that the point there spoken of refers to the direction from which the velocity vector, (which results from all the myriads of relative velocities), would be coming from: in other words these are cardinal points of our local mega-atom which our universe would form!

In conclusion then, most of the experiments which have usually concentrated on the velocity of 30 km/sec, (with some talking of the sun's relative 250 km/sec), are very primitive when compared to my set-up.

Frank Russo.

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