Why the Force engineered males to retain their reproductive powers into old age, and why some flaccidity develops as they get older.

Frank Pio Russo - October 31, 2018.

Males continue to retain their reproductive powers despite getting very old, for the simple reason that their semen is not supposed to be wasted in the inclement environment of vaginas! But rather, it's supposed to be used as an ointment for external healing and also to be ingested orally for internal healing.

Most young men have very strong and penetrative erections, for the simple reason that most of them are expected to father a family sometimes in their early youths, simply because that's when a complimentary woman of similar age and experience is very fertile. Plus it's usually inadvisable for them to bring children into the world in their old age, simply because most of them end-up on reduced income - often a restrictive pension of some kind - plus they've got to consider their mortality and who would then step in to look after their children.

Hence it is reasonable to speculate as to the motive behind men retaining their ability to produce semen - with its sperm content. From my many years of observation, I believe it's retained for healing reasons! Way back in 1981, I reasoned that if the ultra-micro engineers in the sperm content, were capable of producing a beautiful baby, then surely they'd be capable of all sorts of healing in our bodies! This would happen if someone was clever enough to realize that mankind had been enslaved by that bastard Jewish god, to remain in a primitive state forever! Not only had YHWH made sex a horrible sin, but he had also legislated in favour of circumcision - thus making masturbation virtually impossible for the poor Jews! And remember that devious, jealous, and barbaric god, also legislated that virtually the most precious biological fluid, was very "unclean", and people so contaminated had to do all this washing - and virtually the only place for semen was to be buried under the ground, unless one could usually 'waste' it in a sex act with a wife.

In 2003 I put such thinking into a practical application, and started applying semen to my blind right eye: sight was soon restored as the glial remnant on the optic nerve was shattered, with its bits floating in the vitreous humour! I also used it to heal a massive abscess in my mouth, and another time I managed to heal a very badly ingrown toe-nail!

It must be remembered that using sperm to heal, is beyond the recent popular use of stem cells! Furthermore, the sperms being haploid, means that they are incredibly small and can almost get into anywhere in the body - plus who knows, perhaps they can recombine with their original other half once they reach their destination that needs to be healed! It is also interesting that they have a mode of propagation and could possibly go where they are actually needed - rather than wonder aimlessly!

I am keen to speculate that perhaps this is the reason why some flaccidity develops in the penises of men as they start to go past middle-age. This being the fact that most men are very lazy, and would continue to waste their "deposits" uselessly in a vagina; whilst where this precious fluid is probably most needed is one's ageing and wrinkling face! As well as internally, where ever there's a problem of some sort!

In conclusion, this brings up the validity of monogamy! Naturally if one were to 'screw' around, his "little engineers" would be spreading too thinly to be at all effective healers! Plus there's the question of incompatibility and presumably some sort of rejection. Whereas if one has a regular partner, presumably the wife might develop a good tolerance to the husband's sperms... and who knows - perhaps if they were to live forever, eventually all the semen's actions will replace most of her body, and the 2 of them will become "one flesh" like the "Force" is reputed to have said at the inception of marriage! Also, if you're a women you'd want to be "fed" regularly with such a healing liquid, and you would not want all these different types of sperms - from all sorts of individuals -  fighting for some sort of control!

Frank Pio Russo.


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