Why is the Asthma Incidence Skyrocketing?

Frank Pio Russo - March 28, 2016.

The incidence of asthma has been going up all over the world and scientists have - for quite a while - been blaming the increase in hygiene: it is called the "hygiene hypothesis". This is referring to a much cleaner environment in childhood with less exposure to germs, such that one's immunity does not get adequate training.

This may well be a factor... it is certainly one for the development of many allergies. However for the drastic increase of asthma that we have seen, there's another much more realistic possibility. I've seen a definite link between the incidence of asthma and the great prevalence of obesity which has been very significant of late!

There's been a number of acquaintances that have developed asthma following a sudden weight gain. In one key instance that I have investigated, the weight gain was mainly on the abdomen - as with most of the others - and it actually interfered with the proper functions of the thoracic diaphragm, such that one could now only carry out very shallow breathing with no deep breathing at all to speak of ! Of course wheezing developed as one was struggling for more breath... so much so that one would sound like a bird of some sort!

Naturally, as one would expect in an illness with presumably no allergic component, the use of a puffer actually made the illness worse. So naturally the course taken was to ameliorate the function of the diaphragm's filling and empting of the chest cavity by losing some weight - and lo and behold the asthma dissipated away!

This problem is more of an issue with people who have done a lot of resting in bed on their front: the body gets used to only moving the abdomen in and out to breathe, rather than the chest itself: obviously such individuals are going to cop it very early in the piece !

In conclusion, it appears as if a great many of our ills are caused by weight gain and failure to maintain our fitness... this is certainly true with diabetes, and it now appears very true with most of the recent increases that we've seen with asthma. People have got to re-think the importance of staying fit, and must structure their time to include adequate physical training.

Frank Pio Russo.

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