The causes of some "White Coat Hypertension".

Frank Russo - April 21, 2008

These's no doubt that some hypertension is caused by the nervousness and ambience of the measurement. However, with the advent of do-it-yourself machines, it is obvious that this does not represent the whole picture in "white coat hypertension".

It is a fact that the arterial wall has to collapse so as to occlude the vessel and thus bring about a cessation of the heart-beat near there. Now the arterial wall is fairly complex incorporating an intima, a muscle layer and an elastic layer. Obviously there would be variations in the strength of the arterial walls from one individual to another... hence a person with strong walls will find that their pressure will appear higher simply because the walls will un-collapse themselves at a higher pressure.

The answer to this is to do repeat measurements on the same arm at a particular time interval... interestingly the energy of the arterial wall will thus diminish, and the pressure will better reflect the heart function rather than any local arterial wall strength.

Frank Russo.

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