What it's like to go onto insulin: the truth about insulin part 2.

Frank Pio Russo - December 09, 2015.

Some 9 years ago I wrote an article entitled "the truth about insulin", where I said that insulin was really another version of a growth hormone of some sort, and mainly cleared proteins with its sugar function being only of a secondary nature!

Well I've been able to ascertain that for myself as I recently moved onto insulin from oral medications. After only a few weeks I've put on about 6 kilos of muscle and there's a drastic improvement in glucose control. I'm tempted to say that the oral medications are a scam by the medical establishment so that people are damaged and constantly seeing about 4 or 5 specialists. The incurred costs on Medicare are prohibitive and new guidelines should be implemented whereby diabetics move onto insulin very quickly after diagnosis... of course they can have the orals as adjunctives so as to preserve some pancreas function.

The key to making the insulin a pleasurable existence, is to use very fine and painless needles: I'm currently using ones that are 0.23 by 4 mm. The first time I went on insulin I was so relaxed that I slept for the first and only time since about 10 and a half years ago! Also I was able to do weight training for the first time since 41 years ago... this because my astronomical strength had somewhat returned and I was able to handle weights that do make a difference to the body.

The sugars are now cleared from the blood and into the muscles, extremely well... the body is no longer complaining of being starved: it's as if one is "born again"! Furthermore, the eyesight is improving and it looks as if - for the moment - I no longer need Mobic for hip and arthritic pain: this is indeed a great improvement! In view of the foregoing, the culture has got to change: no longer should insulin be viewed as a last resort, to be availed of only when orals no longer work, by which time you're always at least somewhat damaged. Yes! Insulin is not a last resort only to be used when everything else fails... and it's not admitting defeat when one moves onto insulin... instead it should be viewed as a great victory over the diabetes illness!

Finally, no longer should a diabetic feel superior when a fellow sufferer says that he's on insulin, just because you're on orals: if anybody is the "stupid" one, it's you!

Frank Pio Russo.


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