Fan-heaters adversely modify the air rather than simply heat it!

Frank Russo - July 18, 2009.

It may seem to be a good idea to use a fan-heater in a small room to keep warm in winter. This is however far from satisfactory! The fan-heaters have a very bad effect on the air in the room, so much so that they can even overpower an insomniac and give him a massive head-ache and neck-ache!

I guess such heaters must modify the oxygen in the room so as to render it noxious to the person's brain. No wonder so many fires are being caused by fan-heaters... usually because of combustible materials near the heaters... the individuals involved might figure they are only going to have the heaters on for a short while, however as their brain is over-powered by the quality of air such heaters generate... the time is stretched out, often resulting in catastrophic consequences!

These heaters need to be investigated as they represent a very serious problem even when a thermostat is in operation... the latter might prevent some property damage... but it does not prevent brain damage!

Frank Russo.


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