Update on heart and circulation physiology!

Frank Pio Russo - August 14, 2017.

I feel obliged to give a bit of an update on the excerpt below. When in 2002 Dr Pyle found a completely silent heart, I had possibly been poisoned together with one of my brothers... he died whilst I did not, though my heart was completely knocked out! Obviously my hypertension did disappear, and my incredulous doctor found a blood pressure of 116/72 which must have been purely of an arterial-muscular nature! I won't go into the mechanics of it all: let it suffice for me to say that I was the involuntary author of September 11... I gave the whole scenario to soccer player Bill Barbari(y) and others, in August of 1999... it was given as an insult: "You are morons haven't you heard of the big picture?!"... I was a bit naive not to think it would be rather suggestive... it was simply my impulsive reaction to their efforts at enrolling me to their cause!

I guess normally my heart comes on and off as I get excited... a bit like a base-power electricity load, whilst the arteries keep ticking things over most of the time. My blood vessels are very powerful: a nurse once complained that his titanium needles were finding them incredibly hard to pierce, and Sister Yvonne Tylor - at the IMVS decades ago - found that she could return the blood from her syringe up my arm, despite a strongly applied tourniquet being there!

Furthermore, these days it's a bit hard to actually find my heart silent because I drink a huge amount of coffee!

Frank Pio Russo.

"Look if my accomplishments aren’t enough to stir a lot of publicity for my future political advent: I’ve got all the secret aces up my sleeve! And I have dealt with the media before: I’ve had one letter to the editor published in the Advertiser about penalty rates, and 5 items in the Messenger press… also Frank Pangallo filmed for a number of hours at my place in September 1995, but I pulled the plug on Today Tonight because my relativity in 1995 was still a bit premature, and I was concerned that I may simply humour the viewers instead of it going down as a serious interview. Look I urge you to call me and make a time to come and see me, so that you can sample my “ace” yourself, with my stethoscope as well as with your hands: I could unleash my “secret” physiology to the world! I have no heart-beat - instead my arteries are doing the pumping all over my body, and whether you place the stethoscope on my forehead or on my heart, you will hear the same noise! It was first picked-up at about 8 years of age when I smashed my head into a wall… the doctor couldn’t hear a heart-beat and thought I was dead till I “awoke”… also during my medical for Australia in Naples - at about 11 or 12 years of age – the Dr. made me do all this running on the spot to try and hear my heart! Then in 1968 - in Campbelltown - Dr. Pillay (an Indian Dr.) said I had no heart-beat… and following this I was hospitalized in the RAH even though I was only 14, from about June 1968 onwards… the specialist “God” - Dr Pellew - kept me with a bed-pan on complete bed rest for over 2 months… in the end they told me to say I had rheumatic fever if I was ever tested by a doctor. The whole thing blew up a bit in 2002 when Dr. Josie Pyle said I should be dead as my heart was making no noise whatsoever… anyway they took me to hospital and presumably all these secret agents did all sorts of tests on me - all round the clock !”

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