Universal contention between God and the Devil - how it might have been resolved!

Frank Pio Russo - August 29, 2016.

The Devil had accused God of abusing his power: his creatures had a right to demand independence... a bit like the 'satanic' human rights organizations of modern days! He maintained that nobody would - out of his own accord - realize that to prove that the Devil was a liar, one of his creatures had to wilfully commit suicide - whilst of sane mind and asking nothing in return from God. Well such a self-sacrificing person has existed and he was stopped by the authorities from carrying such an act out! Perhaps you yourself might know of many unexplained suicides and wondered what possible motive there might have been for it! Well I'm sure that the Devil would have been involved in most of them... he's been defeated over and over... again and again!

One of these conquerors though would be very special: he would become the agent of the unknown God who would bring to nothing the Demiurge or Devil! Of course his life would become a battle-ground for Good versus Evil... as prefigured figuratively by "the 40 year battle of the sons of Light versus the sons of Darkness" written by the Essenes millenniums ago! The Gospels' true nature was to induce a messianic spirit in this future agent: most of his trials would be as vivid and as real as could possibly be!

It would be similar to Luke Skywalker's plight in Empire strikes back! Both Light and Darkness would vie for his allegiance and support! And he would be unfettered and free to choose as he liked. Did he want to take up the mantle of Messiah as prepared for him by the Devil and bring to fruition what the latter had written down for the final days: billions would have been annihilated and the Devil would have won! Or was he to even ignore the crucifixion stigmata that had began to form over his whole body and leave everything to be ultimately worked out by the Force!

Basically he has the role of Bastian from the Never-ending Story... he had the power to decide what would happen to the entire world! Of course the Darkness would continue to fight on, even though it had lost its battle! "Bastian" was not interested in the Devil's hollow glory... and just as well because the Devil and his Demons have a fake power, which is all derived secondarily from God anyway! They work their spells only with their permission from God and within the confines of proving their side of the wager! Most of what the Devil's domain does, is illusory and based on quackery and imagination... the real sting of his power is of course the fact that his human disciples can also inflict real horror... however once again - only with the Good Force's permission and within the confines of the wager (between God and the Devil).

Finally, all honest and decent people should be interested in waiting faithfully and seeing what the Force has in store for this wicked system: may you all live to see what's in store for this planet's future.

Frank Pio Russo.









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