Ugly Truth about Facebook!

Frank Pio Russo - October 26, 2018.

It appears that Facebook is full of scammers and prostitutes ! There are many, many women, whose activity on Facebook often did not go beyond a week or so.. and had very little info as to who or what they were, and where they were from ! And most of these scammers were trying to befriend me - obviously for some ulterior motive - and once they were accepted as my friends, well their profile and anything about them just disappeared off the face of the earth - perhaps they were after my date of birth and any other detail that they could have gleaned from my account due to them being privileged friends! FACEBOOK SHOULD NOT DEMAND PEOPLE'S DATE OF BIRTH - JUST ONE's AGE SHOULD SUFFICE!

I have tried to check many of the websites that the women on Facebook have posted on their profiles: thus far virtually all of them have been blocked by my security because of "FRAUD"! I am not sure about the point of being on this site at all ! - Virtually every woman is a lying scammer and possibly some sort of prostitute on top of that! I am very fortunate that I have very good security on my computer.

Frank Russo.

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