Why most UFO stories are unbelievable and how they relate to psychics, schizophrenia and demonic possessions.

Frank Pio Russo - November 11, 2015.

It is true that most psychics are women, and this has prompted many to say that women are very gullible. However I do not believe this for one moment! I actually believe that this simply means that women's brains are somewhat different. Perhaps they have an open 'window' on the so called 'occult' that generally men do not possess... something akin to a sort of 'open' terminal for psychic communications.

I hazard to guess that this might be related to women's child-bearing capacity. It is true that a mother usually has a special rapport and bond with her newborn infant. Perhaps the latter might have access to his or her mother's brain whilst in-utero... perhaps this might also explain the special psychic connections that most twins seem to have after they've shared a uterus!

Now often the psychic says that the 'spirit' had to go away for a few days and is thus unavailable... or at least the honest ones will tell you... whilst the dishonest ones will continue to practice their art improvising with their own brand of cunningness... this is why there are so many charlatans in this field.

Of course, if the aliens are smaller than tiny ants and bordering on invisibility (as claimed in one of my recent articles), then this could well explain why they communicate through the 'medium'. One of these creatures could be within one of the psychic's ears making suggestions (as is the case with some schizophrenics)... and it's interesting that auditory hallucinations can sometimes be unilateral! Of course such a creature could well make its way into someone's brain and manipulate one's actual consciousness.

This explains why most visions tend to be hypnopompic or hypnagogic, the first term being straight after sleep whereas the latter happens as one is falling asleep. Such a timing would no doubt be because it's much easier to manipulate the brain as it's waking up or as it's shutting down for sleep.

Genuine 'alien' visions usually interact with the environment, i.e. on a particular day you might have done something momentous and when you wake up in the middle of the night, for the first 2 or 3 seconds as you're gaining consciousness, there might be a shadowy being jumping on and off your bed a few times in excitement... you would be able to actually feel the vibrations of the bed and hear the noise of the spring coils! But it all dissipates as you become fully awake... that would be a truly 'alien' vision of a genuine nature...the orchestration of the brain's programming with your environment would prove it!

All of the foregoing fits in very well with schizophrenia and demonic possessions! There are some schizophrenics that do not hear voices at all... these obviously do not possess that special "terminal" that we talked about... others can actually acquire it through the onset of the illness, and others can do so through various drugs e.g. marijuana etc.

Now in the case that I recently discussed in one of my articles, the little creatures had actually influenced the person concerned by causing him and a friend to see a UFO (above the reserve at the front of his house). This was a diversionary tactic, about a couple of years before he discovered their true nature in his roof-space. Of course as with most of the implanted visions of UFOs that these little creatures propagate: it was of an improbable nature... i.e. a number of people inside a crystal ball of some kind... it was all transparent and there was nothing else evident, i.e. no machinery or complicated electrical equipment: presumably you were supposed to imagine that the crystal ball was 'magically' powered!

Yes virtually all of the popular culture is barking up the wrong tree... they are parroting implanted visions that the aliens want to disseminate: far from the real scary truth! (As if they would be obsessed with our sexuality and feel the need to shove all sorts of prods in us!) And some movie moguls have been very accommodating in disseminating such 'planted' false propaganda and have been rewarded by their 'masters' with billions of dollars!

In conclusion, it is comforting to know that even amongst such tiny creatures there are two camps or 'networks'. These we would align along our familiar lines in our cultures... i.e. Good and Evil... Light and Darkness... God and the Devil... Angels and Demons etc.

Of course I envisage Good as soon triumphing over Evil.

Frank Pio Russo.





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