Diabetic Nomenclature: a possible type 4 ?

Frank Russo - June 11, 2010.

Type 1 diabetes is where the pancreas is unable to make insulin and this is typically seen with a childhood onset. Type 2 on the other hand is usually known as "mature onset diabetes" and involves the pancreas making some insulin, which is usually not quite sufficient for the body's needs. I recently suggested a "type 3 diabetes" as being one where the body has an inordinate need for glucose for which a normally functioning pancreas cannot keep up... this is typically seen in pregnant women and shift workers. In the former the label of "gestational diabetes" has usually been used... and in the latter it would be the brain requesting great amounts of glucose due to its much increased activity.

Well the logical extension of this nomenclature process would be a "type 4 diabetes". This would be a condition where a great excess of glucose is being formed by the body... in this case the tissues are not being starved of glucose, but you would of course get some chemical "backlogging" as the system would not be able to process it all adequately.

This speculated type 4 would of course be seen in many infestations of micro-organisms, many of which live mainly off glucose and are programmed to steer the body's biochemistry towards glucose production. I would assume most of these infestations would occur in the digestive gut, however compromised teeth could also play a significant overt target.

Patients with reduced immunity would of course provide an attractive target for such bugs, and special antibiotics might be required in much the same way as the stomach ulcer conditions were recently solved by Australian researchers.

Hopefully I've provided a stimulus by clearly outlining the possible 4 categories of diabetes.

Frank Russo.

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