Why it is desirable for cars to have two horns of different tone!

Frank Pio Russo - April 26 2017.

Have you noticed how much road-rage there is today: people are often ready to kill simply because someone beeped the car horn at them... in some cases perhaps even running them off the road, or following them so as to bash and attack them at the first opportunity.

However, one might have a legitimate and inoffensive reason to beep the horn at someone... e.g. the lights might have turned green and the person in front is either asleep or inattentive, or one might want to simply warn someone about some faulty brake lights!

Maybe it would be a good idea if cars were to have a two toned horn: perhaps a soft and nice sounding tone one, which does not give any indication that one is at all angry! And another one for other more urgent occasions, where one needs to make a 'loud' point!

It's a simple enough suggestion which I feel would improve everybody's driving experience... I hope manufacturers do take it up and run with it.

Frank Pio Russo.



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