Why it's bad and counterproductive in the long-run for a woman to go after a massive penis all the time!

Frank Pio Russo - August 30, 2018.

Up till recently I was sick to death of receiving at least 20 spams a day about penis enlargement and Cialis and Viagra, I guess having expounded some of my views on sexuality has slowed their occurrence somewhat.

Now I'd be a real idiot if I were to put all my research and work from 1981 at risk! Who knows what these preparations contain or how exactly they work - they may unbalance my perfect current endocrinology! Anyway the male organ is really a muscle and it will grow depending on how much you use it!

My main issue in this regard is with how stupid most women are, because most of them think the "bigger the better"! I wish they'd stop and consider why it is that some women can auction their virginity for millions of dollars? Are any men willing to pay that sort of money for an over-stretched and over-worked vagina that's lost some of its elasticity? Let's face it... most women have got very little common sense!

By overstretching and enlarging their vagina, the first consequence is that eventually they may only be able to derive any feelings from the small percentage of men who have considerable penile size! Also all you've got to do is look at the heart as another example... sure it's got elasticity and does recoil but as the person gets older it tends to lose some of this elasticity and enlarge and get less efficient... why the hell would you want to speed such a process up for?

You've no doubt heard many derogative expressions about prostitutes, however this is exactly their problem and they only have a very limited shelf life, because once they lose their elasticity due to over usage - well they're no good to anybody are they!

So in conclusion my advice is to leave huge penises for circuses, and make do with what the Force has provided you with.

Frank Pio Russo.


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