A brief summary of the traps and pitfalls in choosing your joint foods!

Frank Pio Russo - June 08, 2017.

You may have a damaged hip and a slightly inward leaning foot, as well as some other  old, semi-healed joint injuries: so you may want to invest in some joint food.

You are very happy with the product you choose and show some marked improvement, whilst striking some rapport with the naturopath who owns the health shop. However after being on the product for quite some time, you are informed that your particular product has become a supermarket line. The naturopath levels with you with a rare bit of honesty, and tells you that he's dropping it because he can't possibly compete with a supermarket! However he assures you that he can sell you an even better alternative!

So you start on the new product and are on it for quite some time. You eventually end up feeling rather sick and are able to pin the issue to the vast amount of potassium in the joint food, which is interfering with your blood pressure medication. So you drop both the new product as well as the naturopath and the health store... as you feel you're better qualified to be making your own choices - plus the shop was also very inconsistent in giving you any discounts.

You seek out a new store where discounts are automatic rather than at the whims of the owner, plus you obviously don't even have to ask for them! You are guided to a supposedly very advanced product, which presumably minimizes the size of some key nutrients whilst adding two herbal drugs (to help with inflammation), as well as some superfluously ubiquitous things such as vitamin C. You gradually slowly deteriorate on this product, but your deterioration is so gradual that you can't really put your finger on it!

You eventually realize that something is quite wrong - as you've become a total cripple! And you work out that what you're taking has very little glucosamine, as well as very little chondroitin compared to virtually all of the other products on the market! So you drop this product like a hot potato - and bingo! Within only two days without it - and having replaced it with a new product - you show a marvellous improvement in both joints and muscular strength!

However a key observation is that the companies have now resorted to making incomplete products, such that it's very difficult for the individual to actually heal himself! He's got to be capable to pick one of the best products, and then work out what has been left out that should really be there... for example whilst most of them do keep manganese in, some leave the important boron - (or borax) - out... plus some powders tend to include MSM (a form of sulpfhur), whilst some tablets leave it out!

Hence one must be ready - such that whatever product one chooses - he must be ready to cover its deficiencies by sourcing the missing important bits as individual additions to one's supplementation. Really some of this behaviour is reminiscent of how rock stars and record companies, often leave a key song out of a "greatest hits" CD in order to manoeuvre you to buy more CDs!

Finally, don't think that orthodox medicine is any better: I've seen dozens of specialist doctors and professors constantly misrepresenting vitamins and supplements! E.g. they often talk about studies showing that glucosamine is ineffective... of course it's ineffective you dishonest bastards... but only if used in isolation from the rest of the joint food!! All such orthopaedic specialists are interested in, is operating and raking in the funds!

I hope my elaboration of this subject is very helpful in showing some of the twists and turns involved in looking after our joints.

Frank Pio Russo.




















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