The theory on the AIDS cure took place 20 years ago!

Frank Russo - November 15, 2008

In 1986 I wrote to the Australian task force on AIDS telling them that the way to cure AIDS was with bone marrow transplants from resistant individuals and they wrote back to me saying that it wouldn't work because the virus could go on living in the brain.

I did not give up and eventually wrote to Nature suggesting they announce a bone marrow transplant cure for AIDS. In 1988 I got a letter back from Nature's deputy editor suggesting that it would not work because Dr Fauci at NIH had been unsuccessful.

I thought this was ridiculous because that research had been done with identical twins: obviously if the AIDS virus could surmount one twin's immunity, it would have no problems surmounting an identical obstacle a second time round.

My letter to nature is available for perusal in sequence 87 on the "Articles" page on my website or


Of course as with most discoveries the theory usually precedes the practical application and I am happy I was able to contribute my little bit of input to the scientific system in much the same way that I've been constantly trying to do with my physics.

Frank Russo.

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