The truth about this World... (secret societies, Masons, demonic patronage and selling one-self to the devil etc. !

Ben Scott - July 28, 2016.

"The whole world is laying in the power of the Wicked One !"

Yes! All the Presidents have been Masonic... the Bible and all the holy books of the world were written by the devil (the Demiurge)... and all the religions of the world are also controlled by the Devil. Why it is even believed that the chief protagonists of Jehovah's Witnesses, have also been Masonic - (Russell and Rutherford) - with their pyramids and solar wings : known Masonic symbols!

Hence one must not marvel at the fact that there is an unspoken "political correctness" by which most people abide, for by now most people have already aligned themselves on the side of the Darkness! This is how murderers and/or even very immoral men, can make it to the presidency - perhaps even get their wives elected ! However I do not know whether Trump is a member of any secret societies: perhaps this could be the beginning of the End where everything gets cleaned-up - WISHFUL THINKING !

What most people don't realize is that with most secret societies the bottom couple of levels are all a masquerade, and about doing public and philanthropic good works, but as you get to the higher 30 or so levels this is all a different kettle of fish, and about worshiping the Devil and doing evil wicked deeds !

The truth of this evil world is very rarely alluded to, because I believe virtually everybody has been taken in by the system! All the movie stars are demonic... nobody makes it very big unless they first give themselves over to the Dark Side ! All the big sports stars are also in the Dark's pocket, otherwise injuries and accidents would be so problematic for them, that they'd never make it big: and a great many of them give a great deal of their proceeds to charity - so as to masquerade the real provenance of their funds !

Of course sometimes the Dark sponsors some people without their knowledge, and these can make it very big, but then always the crunch will come as things get revealed... and if they were to refuse the Dark's advances, they would have a big fall of some sort. In most cases where the Devil comes right out into the open, without dealing through innuendo and mystery - if he were to get refused - then he strikes his subject with a mental illness, such that the individual is no longer a reliable and believable witness,  to those that might still be sitting on the fence.

An example of how part of the system works, can be illustrated with a Greek girl I used to work with: she once raved how she was always "pulsating" and full of sexual joy... I replied that there's usually a reckoning for questionable behaviour... she answered: "what if you go suddenly like in a car accident or heart attack?"... she ended up dying very young in a car accident - I think on her way to a rendezvous with someone's husband!

Some people might have viewed the sudden death of many meteoric stars as tragic: I hope my insight into these matters has opened up your minds as to the real truth of the matter - if you're still sitting on the universal fence that is.

Finally as far as the future, the Gnostics saw an agent of the true unknown God as bringlng the Devil to nothing - in the last days ! Let's hope that day comes soon... AMEN.











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