How the recently outlined significance of particle spin brings the existence of flying saucers to the fore!

Frank Pio Russo - October 29, 2015. (Revised October 30, 2015).

As recently outlined, the whole essence of existence is to engineer a functional speed of light for the relevant planet or moon etc. This would be so as to reduce energy loss to a bare minimum, as the loss forward and sideways would be eliminated... which would in turn give marked longevity.

But of course if one is part of a civilization that engenders this sort of engineering on their "home" locality, then he will find it very difficult to travel off of this spinning entity. This is actually the reason why flying saucers are so ubiquitous in our universe: many persons have actually seen them and described them well!

Such a UFO would have to spin in the opposite direction to one's planet so as to become at one with the rest of the cosmos that's not 'really' spinning... when it does this it would no doubt utilize powerful lasers to line up the place where it wants to travel to... i.e. as 'strobe' lights (so as not to have to travel in a never-ending spiral)... no doubt the UFO will appear to the primitive 'fauna' as if it's stationary, but all it has to do is ease off on its spinning so as to interact: however this has to be kept to a minimum as they would lose a lot of light and appear very bright with an aura!

The elongated bit of the saucer that surrounds the central sphere is usually pointed towards the nearest point of strong gravity so as to render it negligible by behaving like a gyroscope... i.e. the gravity force will be wrapped circularly around the spinning saucer (thus becoming ineffective).

In theory this would render the saucer's gravitational mass close to zero, so theoretically any force could give it almost infinite acceleration... ( In 1988 using the formula  a=F/m and noticing that you'd be dividing by zero, I used to say that a UFO could just fart and go where it wanted to go!)

All of this is not just conjecture, a good 'friend' says that when he moved into his new house in 1976, something crashed into his roof tiles...he had them fixed and presumably from then on a miniature UFO resided in his roof! He claimed that many strange things were happening: the house behaved as if it had a psychic presence or spiritual 'possession'... he was very suspicious and once in round about 2004, he suddenly and unexpectedly shone a torch at one of his ceiling's exhaust-fan grills and lo and behold: he saw something that looked as if it was out of Spielberg's "Batteries not included", only it was much more detailed and was looking down at him.

Following this, he got a fire-extinguisher and sprayed all this CO2 into his roof space... he claims he even saw miniature helicopters and little people descending from his en-suite exhaust grill - all taking place in a bright light... he felt very groggy and sleepy at the time and said to them "don't be scared little people!" as they looked smaller than tiny ants and they were coming down like spiders do. He couldn't stay and watch... he had to 'crash' into his bed! He also claimed that both him and his son heard people on his roof moving tiles around!

Naturally there are thousands of skeptics that are always ready to try and discredit such stories and this is why the chap concerned has never been too keen to divulge such information. However I do believe that extraterrestrials would have an agenda of some sort: perhaps they're waiting for our human race to reach a certain degree of maturity.

In conclusion then, the particle spin significance definitely leads me to conclude that flying saucers are essential to movement in our cosmos, and this especially so for those who have conquered ageing and death.

Frank Pio Russo.
















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