Fax transmission to the Chief of the Carabinieri (Police) of Montesarchio: written and sent on Monday 25th of January 1999.

A translation:

Re: death of  Giovannina Russo (April 1963) - I who had an IQ of 170 in 1978 and that at that time when I had 9 years of age in 1963, it would have peaked at 283 and a third, was not interviewed !

It was a case of a 'technical homicide'

a) Immacolata and Celeste - the wives of two of my cousins - were fighting when I saw my mother attempt to separate them... Immacolata almost managed to decapitate my mother with a sickle by cutting her around the neck !

b) The legal system failed my mother when Celeste no longer wanted to act as a witness, and Immacolata got out of it scot-free ! My mother became very angry - she wanted her revenge ! I saw her run after Immacolata whilst menacing her with a sickle...

c) Immacolata ran away from the Carcapagli to the Izzi where her adulterous lover was, and both of them plotted the 'technical homicide' of my mother. (I know they were lovers because I'd seen the 2 of them having sex in Immacolata' s domestic-animals-area sometime earlier).

d) Scenario: "We must say that she was trying to kill the mother-in-law known as "Zia" who was always 'happy' provided you gave her some alcohol... we'll make a few lines with the hoe and we'll say that she wanted to bury the 'Zia' "alive"... this will shock the residents and we'll get them to sign a petition - we'll get her locked-up in a Manicomio - (Mental Asylum) - and since it would probably be her third time, they'll euthanize her with an injection: "technical homicide" !! The brain which executed this homicide is still alive (in 1999 that was true but not today)

e) (I have already seen God's retribution against Immacolata: they lost control when they were making sex prior to all these happenings, and she gave birth to twins who were the spitting image of her lover ! These - I was told - ended-up in boiling water as a double homicide !)

My mother did not want to die at their hands and committed suicide at 53 years of age. Well Immacolata also ended up dying (to a malignant tumour)... she went black all over her body... and believe it or not Divine Justice had her dying also at 53 years of age !! However the chief of this crime thought he'd got away with it: no there hadn't been any screams from the "Zia" to be heard from the Izzi, otherwise I would have heard them myself !


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