How to improve the taking of medication.

Frank Russo - March 30 2010.

When taking a number of one particular medication... say 4 penicillin capsules per day, it's a bit hard to remember how many you've already taken for that day!

The solution is quite simple, just label the blister packs a series of consecutive "1, 2, 3, 4" ... so if you start by taking one in the evening, then depending on how late it was you would start by taking the no. 4 tablet at the start of the pack and simply leave the first 3 for near the end of the course of the medication.

Of course should it be 3 per day as it often is with Amoxycillin, then the tablets should be labelled with a series of consecutive "1-2-3". This is analogous to the simpler labelling of the day of the week, which is fine if you're only taking one tablet per day.

It's a very simple innovation which I've suggested to my Chemist for his national chain to take up.

Frank Russo.

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