Sulphur: a key ingredient for joint health and why this fact is somewhat unknown!

Frank Pio Russo - September 10, 2017.

There was all this hype in the media today, starting with this morning's Sunday Mail and then with the news sites such as Adelaidenow, and followed by the TV news bulletins... basically they were all raving about a known drug being put into service for osteoarthritis. This hype though was quickly criticized by some experts as a beat-up!

However it can't be totally useless, because it does contain the element sulphur in its name! The evil - of course - resides in the fact that sulphur is available as a very cheap supplement, without having to fork-out for a drug under patent - regardless of whether the individual or Medicare pays for it!

Sulphur is a very interesting element, which although recognized as a trace element has not been greatly researched. I would dare say that there is some sort of medical conspiracy about it! It has a recognized value for cartilage function and reduction of inflammation, as well as helping ligaments and tendons plus hair, skin and nails. However it's kept somewhat hush-hush, because a great deal of the joint food around the place, is missing it from its contents. And that's not the whole story either... were one smart enough to realize its possible importance, one would source it separately and add it to the mix of joint food one is taking! However, beware! Most of it, is around in tablet form and as such is absorbed very poorly by our bodies!

I somehow came to this realization recently, but not even my local massive Chemist Warehouse had any in powder form - I had to order some, and get it 'shipped-in'! Its taste dissolved in water is a bit bitter, but at least you know it's there, and being dissolved, and naturally absorbed also. Its effect is drastic and almost immediate - with just a few dosages my joints felt rather much better! Mind you one's got to use his initiative as to dosage also... the amount they quote is usually insufficient... this is especially so for when you start on it, in a somewhat depleted state. The form of sulphur that I've been talking about is MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane and I encourage everyone to add it to their joint food supplementation.

Finally, although I have constantly tried to improve everyone's health over the years, the nature of most of mankind will remain mortal, because unfortunately their hearts have a limited shelf life: they are terminal. Perhaps any of my off-springs may inherit my special circulatory system and have a better hope... perhaps that may have been the reason why supposedly JC in the good book, ends up marrying so many 'maidens'... (e.g. even all the nuns of the world are supposedly married to the mythical JC)... i.e. so as to transmit his special DNA! Thus resulting in a future race that could progress to the point of regenerating everybody back here, when their DNA is rendered manifest as the universe re-runs itself in the next level up - remember the universe is growing like a fractal! And we the ones living here, will be able to correct everybody's DNA errors. Of course whatever the force wills, will come to pass!

Frank Pio Russo.








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