A mechanism for stress and post-traumatic disorder.

Frank Russo - February 16, 2009.

For a number of years I've known that most of the ideas on stress and post-traumatic syndrome are wrong! In most cases it is not the memories per se that cause the stress and post-traumatic bother... most brains are mature enough to rationally process information unless one has an under-laying psychiatric cause.

The real cause that actually generates the stress is subjecting the body and brain to great oscillations of blood pressure variations... this alone is enough to precipitate unexplained stress in an individual and make one very sick indeed. I've been able to induce stress in one study subject by simply doing many blood pressure measurements within a set period of time off and on in the past three years: the latest occurrence was on the 11th of February when 20 blood pressure determinations were done on the one day - some on the left side, some on the right, some on the arms and some on the wrists with the appropriate machine in each case.

It is clear to me that the trauma of exposing one's body to such stress, replicates the mechanical oscillations that physically take place in the so-called "mental" stress and post-traumatic disorder... bringing about all of its associated "mental" symptoms - yes most mental illnesses are very physical indeed!

As for the more intricate details involved including the more specific physiology and biochemistry involved, I'll leave that to future researchers... I like providing the initial spark or inspiration because that is the very difficult thing to do, as it provides the catalyst for all that follows!

Frank P Russo.

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