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Strength of gravity vs size of the animal.

Does the size of an animal affect the strength of our Gravity and what we can extrapolate from this into our Quantum World!

Frank Pio Russo - February 11, 2017.

Many insects can jump from distances of hundreds of their body-length, and yet they are not hurt by gravity because there is only the one universal application! Likewise in our quantum world, gravity still exerts the same power as in our world, but to much smaller body-lengths hence the resultant super-speeds acquired!

Without getting bogged down with things such as air resistance, terminal velocity, shape of the animal etc., it's a fact that gravity is not really dependant on the weight of an animal - when measured in relation to a massive body e.g. the earth. Galileo apparently proved this by dropping things off the leaning tower of Pisa!

Well one of us humans could possibly drop from the roof of a house, namely from a height of about 2.4 metres, without significant great damage. One might infer that such a fall would be very dangerous for a tiny ant, after all it would be falling through a distance of about 500 times its body length! This however is definitely not the case, as the gravity acceleration would remain the same for both - i.e. about 9.81 m/sec squared. Hence gravity is not diluted by the size of the animal at our level, because the metre one would use to measure a human or house-height, is the same metre by which one would measure the body length of the ant! (It would be another matter entirely though, to talk about the difference in perceived physiological time between the human and the ant!)

Furthermore, true if you were to move to measuring the length of humans and animals that might live inside an atom - to the same ratio of us to our universe - you would still use the same metre, and perhaps say that their length would be "one over 10 to the 40" of their length at our level: in other words incredibly small!! However their physiological functions would take place incredibly fast... i.e. for their brains to sense what's going on in their feet, it would be incredibly quick!

Now of course, in such a Quantum World its inhabitants would be measuring things subjectively with their own "relative" or "physiological metre"... hence they would not be actually aware that everything there is happening much faster than at our "macro" level... except for when they peer at our level and see everything appear as if it's frozen in time! Conversely, when we peer at the sub-atomic world we see everything whizzing around very fast compared to our activity at our level.

Finally, getting back to the illustration we started with: gravity acts in the same way on both a human and a small ant at our level - its effect is not diluted down nor accelerated just because the ant is very small in size! Likewise - when moving to the quantum world - gravity is not diluted or slowed down because of an incredibly much smaller physiological metre: but rather it keeps working at 9.81 m/sec/sec and that's metres from our level not from the much smaller relative Quantum World!!

Yes there's a strong argument that I've made before, and that is that the Force of the universe is manifested through none other than Gravity and as such responsible for most things in our universe: May the force be vindicated!

Frank Pio Russo.












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