Some recent dental experiences!

Frank Pio Russo - October 5, 2017.

It was 2002 and my doctor - (Dr Josie Pyle) - discovered my heart wasn't making any noise whatsoever, and gets all excited and says "Frank you should be dead!"

Sometime later I confess what is going on to my dentist and he decides to try every drug in his clinic, with the excuse that none of them seemed to have any effect on me... in the end I just had to put up with the raw pain of his drilling. At the end of it all, I told him that the only place where I was affected was at the extremity of my anus where I felt rather warm.

I don't know what he did the next couple of times I went there, but he claimed one of my wisdom teeth had died and wanted my permission to carry-out a post-mortem on it... I naively said ok and he pulled it out and went ahead with it. Now I don't recall exactly what he told me: either that they normally die from within and my tooth had died from outwards going in, or the reverse... in any case - it was the unexpected way for it to happen and my spider senses should have alerted me that he was up to no good. Sometimes after this he claimed that all my teeth had become very loose and wanted to pull them all out - the bastard! - I in turn decided that he must have been on the payroll of the CIA or ASIO and stopped going there... interestingly my teeth stopped being loose after no longer letting that 'parasite' near them.

However, my doctor had me locked-up through some bogus psychiatrist so that all these secret agents could carry-out all these tests on me all round the clock. At the time I contacted the Democrats through the hospital pay-phone, and managed to put a stop to some of the drugs they were trying to push on me. The so-called 'staff' complained saying that I had powerful friends and did eventually let me out of the hospital. As for my Dr, I believe she got her recompense by possibly being assassinated at about 45 years of age for maybe knowing more than she should have!

These experiences had made me rather suspicious: all of a sudden I hated all doctors and all dentists. And lo and behold the Dental Department which was supposed to have a waiting list of years, all of a sudden wrote to me wanting to fix all my teeth for free: although I didn't tell them to "piss-off", I smelled a big "rat" - no doubt more experimentation!? I refused their offer and with great hatred wanted nothing to do with dentists... I even became like the grandmaster Bobby Fischer and stopped brushing my teeth as "Fluoride was one of the worst poisons imaginable". "They" - whoever they were - saw their access diminishing and various government departments moved against me in some sort of concerted persecution.

Now it is very true that necessity is the mother of invention! Firstly I started eating a lot of ice cream as the main enemy of teeth - Candida Albicans - does not operate at low temperatures, and secondly I started to gargle my mouth with pure vodka as that kills yeasts which are basically the same bug! I then had a flash of pure genius... if as I maintained semen was really full of micro-engineers to carry-out repairs in one's body, then it should be able to repair one's teeth and carry-out fillings etc.! I tried swirling semen in my mouth and wow! I instantly had all these rock-hard fillings in my mouth where ever they were needed!!

I told my friend Ray Osborn and the very next day I rang a top orthodontist specialist and also told him that I could now carry out my own very easy fillings... the very next day two white Volvos tried very hard to cause an accident with me and I thought they both had the same number plate! Apparently nobody likes their revenue empires to dry up, or all their years of studies to become redundant!

Anyway the fillings which I formed a number of different times, always eventually dissipated... I wasn't sure but I thought that either orange juice or coffee may have dissolved them... or perhaps I had offended the Force in some way: I decided that human nature was so incredibly evil that it didn't deserve such discoveries!

Frank Pio Russo.
















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