A Simplified Michelson-Morley in our moving frame of reference.

Frank Russo - January 29, 2013.

After having dissected the Michelson-Morley in every possible detailed way... it turns out that reality is real and rational... none of those magical tricks of einsteinian relativity: we can logically and rationally see every little bit that goes on!

And it turns out that everything works in the absolute frame... one does not have to invoke a magical elastic time which does not exist as an actual entity: relative motion is real but time is only an artefact created by relative motion! In view of the foregoing, it is appropriate to view the Michelson-Morley experiment in our moving frame as rather simple: one has a distance of 299,792,458 m forwards and back along the orbit, and a distance of 299,792,458m up and down perpendicularly across the orbital velocity, and the resultant light is naturally in phase at the end of it!

Notice that these are distances mentioned... the speeds involved are another matter! Along the orbit you've got 1.174720299 seconds at 255,203,267 m/sec forwards and 0.825279701 seconds at 363,261,640.2 m/sec backwards which contribute to give you the distance of 299,792,458 metres! And perpendicularly you've got a shortened version of the c-aberration of 304,475,873.2 m/sec... namely 0.984618107 of it.

Up till now, it's been okay to simply use fudge-factors notions such as time-dilation and red-shift... however now we have the realities and such notions should simply be regarded as subjective anomalies... a bit like when we say the sun rises to the east! My work has at times been very intensive... these days I tend to try and not be too critical of Einstein... he did of course serve his role as another stepping-stone forward.

Science must keep marching forward towards the realities that 'tomorrow' will bring us... we have the whole universe to explore and perhaps even other universes!

Frank Russo.

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