Retailing supermarkets should only be allowed to become producers under a special dispensation !


Frank Pio Russo – November 04, 2016.


The setting for this comment was the cheap $1.00 per litre milk, which supermarkets have been offering for years, whilst driving all of our dairy farmers broke and out of business! (I’ve always purchased the A2 milk which was about 250% more expensive!)


Look we should place a block of some sort on all these mushrooming “home-brands”, which all these supermarkets are producing in an attempt to “corner” their market and cause their profits to explode! These in-house products are usually of very low quality, and often put on display the inexperience and ignorance of these supermarkets!


As an example, today I used some of the Coles home-brand spices. Whereas the professional Masterfood ones had a sieve, which prevented one from accidentally overdosing the food with the various spices – it was so easy to end-up with an over-spiced dish when using the inferior Coles alternative… furthermore, this inferior product has a somewhat inferior “due date” meaning that it would not last as long… this being a reflection of the supermarket’s obvious inexperience at producing such things!


My suggestion, is that supermarkets should be forbidden from being both producers and retailers, unless they obtain a special dispensation which perhaps may become available to them only in special circumstances… e.g. perhaps in a small rural town!


The average person may think that it’s harmless - if not at least advantageous – to get things very cheap. However the more intelligent customers, should realize that the supermarkets are usually only dirt cheap so as to drive the local competition out of business: once that happens they can charge whatever they like ! So if you were to buy some bottled water from Woolworths for example – regardless of the fact that the Woolworths water is very cheap – one should also buy some Frantelle and perhaps some Thank-you Water, otherwise these 2 companies might end-up broke!


So in finality, I appeal to any politician reading this, please do legislate and stop supermarkets from having two hats… i.e. that of producer and that of retailer! Furthermore a maximum mark-up percentage should be legislated also, so as to stop any racketeers - especially in the country areas!


And one last suggestion: these greedy supermarkets should be stopped from charging ‘rent’ for any space the companies’ products might take-up in the supermarket! Whatever the mark-up they slap on the product should be sufficient, and common-sense should dictate that if an item is very popular more space should be made available – it stands to reason that the more they sell the more profit they make. After all, if they don’t aliquot enough shelf space, it’s their stupid staff that will be wasting their time going constantly in and out of their store room.


Frank Pio Russo.


Ps. Of course there would be negotiations for special sales e.g. a special display where the items are on special etc.




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