Sexual activity important for lower leg health!

Frank Pio Russo - July 14 2018.

After 2 months off tranquilizers and regaining one's libido and being able to masturbate, my darkened lower legs have been totally transformed... it's as if the skin is all brand new again!

A diabetic is often in a big catch-22 situation because if he doesn't take care of his nutrition perfectly, he might find sexual activity very difficult... and if you take tranquilizers on top of that well your body ends up suffering a great deal.

After being off tranquilizers for only two months and regaining my libido, my lower legs have been completely rejuvenated... it's as if I've got totally new skin there! So obviously sexual function is very important for our bodies to function well!

Well perhaps it's not the diabetes that causes the degradation of lower legs and feet in diabetic patients, but rather the lack of sexual activity and the resultant lowering in sexual hormones in the circulation.

Frank Pio Russo.

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