Sensodyne toothpaste should be in much greater use!

Frank Pio Russo - February 06, 2016

A very common occurrence is the experiencing of pain because of increased sensitivity in one's teeth. It is usually at this late stage that the dentist will introduce the patient to Sensodyne toothpaste! This usually engenders the repair of any very porous teeth, and the problem ends up going away!

However, why isn't the use of Sensodyne encouraged at much earlier ages, so that it can play the part of a prophylactic ?  After all, these days some women actually have their breasts removed so as not to run the risk of developing breast cancer... one might think that this would be taking things a bit too far! However, with Sensodyne it's all a win-win situation, with the only downside being that it's about twice as expensive as normal toothpaste.

The most bizarre and ridiculous non-sense, is that the authorities are insanely poisoning our drinking water with fluorides and yet no effort is made to popularize the widespread use of Sensodyne! (?)

Of course it's the public health authorities that are at fault... one can't really expect the rank and file dentists to shoot themselves in the "foot", and kill off a lot of future business by endorsing the usage of Sensodyne as a widespread prophylactic!

In conclusion, I herewith appeal to the public health authorities to redress this massive imbalance : what they should do is remove the 'suicidal' fluorides that they add to our drinking water, and counter it with the encouraging of the widespread use of Sensodyne types of toothpastes! Why poison 99.99 of our bodies in the hope that it might help 0.01 of our bodies... and this only in irresponsible hobos that don't brush their teeth : in most people it actually causes a doubling up of fluorides with a multitude of deleterious effects!

Frank Pio Russo.


Update (Feb, 26, 2016)

True - both our water and Sensodyne contain fluoride, however the point is that the water is unnecessarily poisoning 'everything' just to target our teeth which is unnecessary anyway if one is brushing his teeth... and the hobos mentioned above probably don't have any teeth to speak of - so the whole exercise is totally pointless!






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