Secret behind Frank Russo and his special heart!

Frank Pio Russo - June 22, 2018.

It's all down to my special exercises from childhood on, as the inventor of hypoxic psychosexual release.

In view of the fact that the medical authorities have intensely pursued me and locked me up to study my physiology, I guess I better release what I know. This is especially important because I may need an operation in the near future, and the temptation may be there to make me end-up dead so as to cut me up in a vain attempt to see what makes me tick.

I hinted some of these facts to the secretary of the anticancer foundation and a policeman called Matricciani in 2003/2004. It all started in round about 1960 when I was about 7 years of age and I got stuck up a tree - I think it was a fig tree that had a big bow or curve in its trunk - I couldn't retreat so I hanged for as long as I could till the hypoxia and exhaustion became unbearable... however just before letting go and dropping off the tree, I experienced an intense wave of pleasure - a sort of psycho-sexual release of endorphins or whatever!

Of course after such an exciting discovery I would repeat the exercise and kept repeating it off and on right up to adulthood... I even shared this knowledge with a cousin's son who had a sister in Rome... who knows perhaps I should feel partially responsible for the 'suicide' of the "In Excess" lead singer and all the many others who have experimented with hypoxic sex!

Now in view of these intensive exercises, it's no wonder that the echo-cardiogram in 2003 found an extremely heavy-duty heart that was incredibly well built, with a left ventricle that was contracting to half its size! I would also assume that the only reason that I have no heart-beat is partly because of the rigidity of my aorta and blood vessels, and partly because of my extreme muscular efficiency. I guess my contractions must be purely muscular and mechanical rather than electrochemical, because when cardiologist Dr Robert Craig had a look at my heart many years ago, the lead from the heart would not conduct any signal!

I've also previously mentioned that Sister Yvonne Tylor at the IMVS decades ago, found that a strong tourniquet on the arm did not block my blood vessels, and that a male nurse once complained to me that his titanium needles were finding it incredibly hard to pierce my blood vessels. The latter happened at a time when my libido was going through an astronomical period, and I believe that it is testosterone in great measure that hardens muscles and almost everything, to the point of turning one into a real superman.

Furthermore, I also think that astronomical natural testosterone can bring about the formation of something like liquid metal under the skin... this was true of me in 2002. Also, if my blood vessels are really that rigid, that would explain the circulatory stereoisomerism that I spoke about in my first research paper from 1981: this was confirmed by Dr Pyle in a scan which found that one testicle was getting a faster flow of blood than the other... obviously the normal elastic aorta that everybody has would negate all of this as the blood would sling-shoot around and end-up all mixed, instead of resulting in possible sub-aortic circulations like transatlantic streams in the same vasculature.

In conclusion, hopefully the foregoing is enough to satisfy the curiosity of the medical authorities, and I trust that they see no need to use a mental health excuse to lock me up any more. Really a special specimen like me should be treasured as you don't really learn very much from a cadaver at all... you can interact with a living body by testing some medicines and their affect... you can't do any of that with a corpse!

Frank Pio Russo.

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