Our planet is reaching its end-stage: most of our seafood is full of toxins!

Frank Pio Russo - August 6, 2016.

For centuries our oceans have been viewed as an infinite reservoir for garbage disposal: well unfortunately it was actually very finite and a closed system, and it's now reached serious toxic conditions!

About 6 years ago I stopped eating fresh fish because every time I did, I got a head and neck ache. However, because all the dieticians were very vocal about including some fish in one's weekly dietary schedule, I continued having the occasional tin of tuna from a top manufacturer - in the hope that it was well tested for any possible toxins.

Unfortunately I've noticed a very serious side-effect from this tuna consumption: every time I have a tin of tuna, I develop a mild form of asthma, with audible wheezing! This eventually goes away if I desist from continuing with the tuna.

It appears that what Revelation talked about is actually here: man has ruined the earth! The unknown writer actually saw this, as the marker to identify the time when the Force would step in and cull the runaway, mushrooming population of our planet!

In this country, the imbecilic politicians talk about wanting a big population for a big Australia... this is lunacy: immigration should be stopped and turned back - any ingrates that are already here should be promptly sent back!

Frank Pio Russo.


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