Let’s all stand-up to stop the extinction of elephants and rhinos!


An African country (Kenya), has decided to destroy its stockpile of ivory (about 5% of the world’s total), however this will probably have the opposite result to their desired effect, by driving the price of ivory much higher – such that poachers will get more money for their illegal kills!


This is really not much of a solution at all !(?)  What they should do is encourage all countries through the UN, to actually make the possession of ivory (and rhino’s horns), illegal and punishable with a severe fine. Perhaps they could even introduce retrospective legislation ordering the confiscation of any finished products from these raw materials, and have them donated to special museums – with any money made going to wildlife research and conservation!


That would be showing real IQ and truly standing up for the protection of wildlife!


Frank Pio Russo – www.frankrusso.net

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