Russo-Diabetes-Cure in long term diabetics who may have a destroyed pancreas.

Frank Pio Russo - September 7, 2018.

It is very interesting to now consider what my diabetes cure can do, for those of us who have had the illness for many decades, and who now have no pancreatic-insulin function to speak of: this may possibly even include myself into this category!

Of course the obvious first advantage is that by having a bit of good bread such as Helga regularly, the liver is going to be impeded and stopped from intervening and dumping all this sugar in our circulation, which it does do, in all the diabetics where the sugar - as the main unit of energy in our body - is very depleted.

Obviously if one has had all the function of his pancreas destroyed, by let us say 40 years of 'toxic' diabetes, then he may still need to perhaps use a bit of insulin occasionally,..  if the pancreas doesn't fully regenerate itself. However, once you realize that without the liver-dumping, we are dealing with a much smaller scale of sugar concentration, then you will know that in this environment it's much easier to use diet to control the illness. Furthermore, now that we know about the multitude of H+ toxic ions that need to be mopped up out of our circulation, it would be very foolish not to eat plenty of unsaturated salads, oils, vegetables and fruits - i.e. a complete meal.

Naturally though, as we've already intimated, without the undesired involvement by our liver, our metabolism can cope quite well, and especially so if we're eating the right foods. And we can be even more specific in this regard and  illustrate it with a house: if one is very conscious about his environment and has solar panels and a white very reflective paint on the roof  (like I do), his house will remain cool through a hot summer. But only up to a point, because if there is some sort of anomaly there, that is poisoning your house - you must first rectify it ! E.g. there may asbestos dust around the house and yard - this being the equivalent of the toxic acidic Hydrogen ions which need to be excreted in the faeces rather than in the urine, so as not to severely damage your kidneys... now if a very long heat wave comes along, despite being able to tolerate a very high temperature - (+40) - for a couple of days, the heat eventually builds up in the house, if the heat wave goes on  long enough! Likewise with diabetes, I believe that so long as the toxic H+ ions are not allowed to build up by consuming the right sort of foods, even a sugar of over 33.3 mmol/l could be easily tolerated for a little while!

Look I know a lot of chemistry and I've never believed that it was plain, humble, sugar that did all the damage and mayhem in diabetes - however I can definitely believe that toxic acidic H+ ions can certainly cause all that mayhem.

Frank Pio Russo.

Of course I encourage everybody to use some of their common-sense ( Einstein was the only one that didn't have any! ) if one is sick and bed-ridden and is not burning much sugar or calories, he or she may want to skip on the bread, so long as they are sure that they've got plenty of carbohydrate in reserves in the body... plus I would always retain the services of a trusty glucose meter - please don't throw yours away - it's always very handy to have one available especially for when you're feeling a bit sick - I think that it can be as useful as a thermometer even for a non-diabetic!


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