Revolutionary Physiology: achieving physical perfection through becoming slightly obese !

Frank Pio Russo - August 12, 2017.

Today's obsession about being ultra-slim, is apparently a modern fad of some sort. Many years ago - if one had a fair bit of 'meat' on himself - he was regarded as very healthy and well nourished by a great many people.

Apparently this was even much more so, in the middle-ages, when nude skinny pictures were not posted everywhere... yes it then was not fashionable to be skinny and "sick" looking! Today such images are paraded and worshipped everywhere and viewed as extremely desirable. Perhaps it's all in the conditioning ... I'm sure that if you were to ask a termite as to who's better looking : its comrades with a generous abdomen or the many ants with their extremely slim waist - the reply would be obvious!

I of course have been there... done that! In my youth I could do more than 200 sit-ups in a row and had an incredibly slim abdomen! However, over the years I've learnt to breathe through my abdomen... yes it now is my abdomen that goes in and out rather than my chest. The latter is always stationary in the same position! Now the undesirable fat abdomen, is one where if you poke the finger at it: the finger sinks into the 'blubber' of fat! However, in my case the abdomen is solid and rigid and resists compression! Then again if high pressure is applied, then it does compress with a recoiling action as soon as the pressure is somewhat decreased: it's as if it is composed of an elastic secondary diaphragm of some sort - it bounces back like a rubber band!

The foregoing is just a bit of food for thought: don't imagine that what's supposed to be politically correct is the only way of doing things - one must not judge from mere appearances !

Frank Pio Russo.





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