Speculating on the causes of idiopathic avascular necrosis of the hip joint and how to reverse the condition !

Frank Pio Russo - September 02, 2017.

Avascular necrosis of the hip joint, is a progressive disease where the blood supply to the hip joint, becomes somewhat cut-off. It is usually detected with part of the ball joint and its cartilage, becoming a bit paler, as it's presumably starved of blood supply. I've referred to it as "idiopathic" meaning that its exact cause is unknown.

Currently, it is believed that the bone tissue becomes impervious to blood flow... I however don't subscribe to this generalization, simply because bone marrow production seems to be going okay in the opposite direction, as the patient does not incur any marginal anaemia or leukopenia. My tendency is to blame the presence of a very powerful libido which is not being allowed to fully function !

Yes! It's a very negative influence on the body, to have a very strong libido and attempting to remain sexually inactive. For a start, a chiropractor/osteopath claims that prostate problems become very common if that is the case. As for the issue under discussion, whilst it is true that the normal reference range (or 95% confidence spread) for the volume of semen that one can produce, is between 2 and 6 mls - I would hazard a guess and say that this is only because if one were going beyond that, one would probably experience a "wet dream" emission of some sort!

However I'm sure that people with impaired REM sleep, or a person that doesn't need any sleep at all, can go way beyond the 6 ml mentioned. In fact one person can put out somewhere between 30 and 50 mls or perhaps even more ! I.e. enough to wet his face, neck and some of his hair for salutiferous results! Now all of this liquid is of course stored prior to its ejaculatory egress, in the various glands... e.g. the seminal vesicles for instance : can you imagine how easily such a vast mass of seminal material could crimp and occlude some of the blood vessels in the general area, as these glands are not external appendages - like the testes - but are actually located internally! This is analogous to how, many cancers do great damage by simply growing and impinging on other organs' space.

Of course what would render this as the obvious cause of avascular necrosis, would be the instant pain relief that would accompany the emptying of the various glands involved ! To me the foregoing makes a great deal more sense, than an actual blockage in the bony tissue making the latter impenetrable... yes I feel that I've hit on the real cause of the problem!

True one might think that this problem would not arise that often... nevertheless, today there are many medications that allow libido and spermatogenesis to function quite normally whilst slightly impeding a strong erection by slightly relaxing the organ: in such cases one should skip a dose on regular intervals so as not to allow his glands to become too engorged and occlude some of the blood vessels!

Frank Pio Russo.

Ps. - There are 2 complicating items to the above information:

1 - Climax brings about a great release of endorphins which are very powerful natural pain-killers... so the disappearance of hip pain could simply result as a consequence of this, in which case it will come back.

2 - Even if one has relieved the offending cause - i.e. a crimping of pertinent blood vessels leading to the avascular necrosis - one still can't expect instant permanent pain relief - it would obviously depend on how long the problem has been active, and how damaged the joint has become, in which case all sorts of supplements may be advisable so as to - in time - recover.















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