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Frank Pio Russo - September 14, 2018.

From: Frank Pio Russo []
Sent: Friday, 14 September 2018 5:44 AM
Subject: RE: Letter regarding diabetes and its medical specialists.

 Hi Christine,

Yes you are right that sugar is the problem, but only inasmuch that it is the progenitor - (together with carbohydrates) – of toxic acidic hydrogen ions, in the process of breaking the sugars down, so as to generate electricity and energy! However it is the latter - i.e. ”toxic acidic hydrogen ions” - that cause all the damage and mayhem in diabetes… all you’ve got to consider – if you’ve done any basic chemistry – is that the glucose molecule is actually even more stable than water itself! Glucose does not have a great disparity in electro-negativity between its constituent atoms in its basic chain despite having some oxygen on the outer  for joining onto things and linking up, whereas there’s definitely such a great disparity between hydrogen and oxygen in the water molecule! As a result the water molecule is far more likely to dissociate than the glucose molecule which is far more stable!!

What you’re saying equates to people maintaining that it was Hitler’s parents or “antenati” who were responsible for Europe’s woes in the past! Now sure if Hitler’s parents had been eliminated early enough there would have been no Hitler! However the analogy is not analogous because sugars are the central currency of the human body, when dealing with energy in the body, and cannot be easily replaced with some other system! I know that you fantasize about “other” energy system that could be enhanced by altering one’s flora in the gut by having a lot of sauerkraut … however that is pure fantasy as the enzymes we possess are geared towards  a metabolism based on sugar! E.g. it’s sugar that makes the Krebs cycle work!

Sincerely – Frank Pio Russo.

From: Christine
Sent: Thursday, 13 September 2018 11:26 PM
To: Frank Pio Russo
Subject: Re: Letter regarding diabetes and its medical specialists.

Frank, it is sugar that’s the problem!

Chris x


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