In other words: Red-shift increases as Gravity slows down!

Frank Pio Russo - October 1, 2015.

There is a better way of expressing the fact that the bigger the picture you're looking at, the bigger the red-shift of starlight is. And that is simply that basically gravity slows down!

However, this slowdown by gravity is only one of relativity rather than one of magnitude. Gravity still retains its composure, but it's just that the physiological meter increases as you look at a bigger and bigger picture.

Now of course, we do know that as light moves from a strong gravitational field to a weaker one, it becomes red-shifted: there's no mystery in this regard! The mystery is all in being able to grasp the concept of physiological time and the physiological meter, which I have previously developed in many of my articles.

This represents a quantum leap in understanding: I hope the opinion makers of our academic world can follow all of my development hitherto. And to celebrate, I think I'll paint this article in red. May 'the Force' continue to be with us all!

Frank Pio Russo.

P.s. No the red is too difficult to read!

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