Reassessing the Quantum World!

Frank Russo - June 18, 2010.

Counter-intuitive in physics is really a synonym for 'crazy', and should not be bandied around to give credibility to any 'psychotic' concept one likes! My argument against such things in relativity, was that it's tantamount to saying that four equals five and not even a Biblical God can make that happen!

 Hence the claim that a particle in quantum physics can occupy two different positions at the same time, should be viewed with a pinch of salt! Perhaps it should be considered that there may be two adversarial networks like the Republicans/Democrats, or Liberal/Labour or Angels/Demons... and that these may travel as separate subset entities, and may hold different positions, rather than the same entity occupying multiple positions which is counter-intuitive. Hence photons may travel in pairs, and then merge together like two sophisticated "transformer" toys, as a common consensus position is taken!

The idea that the Quantum world is alive and much more advanced and sophisticated than we care to acknowledge, is not far-fetched! The colleagues of Pasteur laughed at his idea of little 'micro-animals', and computer chips and transistors keep getting smaller and smaller, whilst "nano-technology" has given a new dimension to the world of the infinitely small! Electron microscopes have also opened up a new window on the world of the very small... who knows? Perhaps we can bombard things with even smaller particles and see even smaller and smaller things... and this very thing is happening at CERN, where they are coming up with a constant flow of smaller particles!

Perhaps the sophisticated battle of diseases versus medications is a battle at the lower level! Furthermore, this could well explain our observation of life at our level as manifesting itself as a sort of evolution... the quantum world has to no doubt experiment as it gains more and more control at our level of organization! Perhaps in future we may all choose to take a trace dose of atypical antipsychotics to facilitate their control at our level!

The foregoing should give us all great food for thought... yes the Romans were right... things get smaller and smaller... there is no real zero... it's only a theoretical entity that has great significance in calculations, but has no limit on the size of small things... you think about it, you can go from a half to a quarter, and then to an eighth and onto a sixteenth and thus go on to get closer and closer to zero... but never actually get there!

In conclusion then, we all need to reassess the quantum world as being far more significant then we currently think of it... making ourselves available to the universal force permeating all of our existence!

Frank Russo.



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