The real truth about dualism: putting "evil" in its proper perspective!

Frank Pio Russo - January 22, 2018.

Most people acknowledge that there is a dualism of good and evil, brought about by God and the Devil, (or Light and Darkness or angels and demons). A common thought is that we need for evil to exist, so that we can really appreciate goodness: in other words they are 2 sides of the one coin!

However the truth is far stranger than anybody ever imagined, and I started to grasp it in the mid 1980's. Initially it was easy to speculate that perhaps God was a true schizophrenic, playing both Himself and the Devil! One can see some evidence for this in the Bible of course... true it does say that God tempts or tests no-one, for it is only the Evil-one that does those things: and yet how is one to harmonize the fact that it was definitely God who is supposed to have 'tempted' Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, just like it was endemic of the general area to offer-up child sacrifice!

It is also very enlightening and instructive to check 1 Kings 22:22, where an angel of the LORD - (Yahweh or Jehovah) - says that he was going to be a lying spirit in the mouths of Ahab's prophets to thus lead him to his death! Furthermore, there are parallel passages in Chronicles and Kings which, whilst discussing another event, attribute it differently: one to God whilst the other to Satan... (I now forget which was which)! Also along the same vein, most commentators acknowledge that the talking snake in Eden, was part of God's plan to test the first supposed human pair. In view of the foregoing, it is clear that good and evil cannot be easily dismissed as being chalk and cheese!

Well in the mid 1980's I became aware that God started-off with his finished product, and unwound it backwards with the aid of negative consciousness...yes! God was a true Super-computer! And once he got the Big Crunch to the reversal point - or Big Bang moment - God actually phased himself out in a manner of speaking! From then on it was plain normal simple causality that was to drive the universe! No longer any need for any "Super-computer"!

I actually had this reinforced to me when John-Paul the Second was forgiving that Turkish man who had shot him... I imagined that as the Pope was forgiving him, God actually asked for my forgiveness for his having committed suicide or Deicide by having shut down his Super-computer facilities... I became aware that whilst going forwards, we humans are the real Gods! Whilst the Force or Holy Spirit was responsible for both good and evil in a holistic way whilst going backwards... setting all the dominoes up so as to speak! I recalled when the mythical J.C. was accused of being God by the Jews ... he responded by quoting Psalms where it said "you are Gods!" of earthly humans - thus not negating the accusation!

Finally, I am not being dogmatic about my experiences and what my personal inclinations on these matters might be... however it does shed a great deal more light on the existence of evil, and my recent thoughts on predestination!

Frank Pio Russo.


















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