Why rain-making technology should not be shared indiscriminately!

Frank Russo - July 8, 2010.

Humankind missed a golden opportunity about sixty-five years ago. With the threat of nuclear destruction, the US could have easily bluffed the world into disarming... however they may have deemed it better to suck the goodness out of everybody-else, instead of bringing everybody's standard of living to their own high level! Anyway such a level for everybody would have been unsustainable, so what would have happened is that the US would have had to drastically lower its own standard of living - perhaps that's why it never happened!

However, the wealth of our earthly system would go through the roof, if we could master and harness the weather so that we could control when and how much it rained! Our deserts could bloom and our food-supplies overflow! Nevertheless, to provide such knowledge to the masses would be counter-productive... for it would only proliferate all this pointless breeding by "stupid low IQ people", with a continuance in the pollution of our planet... and pretty soon we would be "behind the eight ball" again!

Hence in this regard we should take a suggestion out of "Zechariah" one of the minor prophets from the Bible! He saw a future time when there would be one prophet of God, (who would presumably dwell in a "new" Jerusalem somewhere... be it New York or Adelaide or whatever), and there would be a coalition of countries who would recognize his authority, and these would be rewarded with rain-making technology!

I haven't read Zechariah in many years, but I recall that it talked about this confederacy of nations, sending their emissaries every year to pay homage to the Force and its prophet, and their rains would abound! However the enemies of this confederacy would have little rain and no prosperity.

In conclusion then, it should be appreciated that some great knowledge is of an esoteric nature, and should not be divulged to the masses as this would be tantamount to throwing "pearls to swine"! So whilst we do not want to take religious symbolism too literally... I think the ancient book does still have some wise sayings!

Frank Russo.

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