Mature Onset Diabetes: Proteins are far more important than sugars!

Frank Pio Russo - May 29, 2015.

Way back in 2006, I outlined the fact that I thought that the body regulated mainly for proteins rather than for sugars... a bit like how the body regulates for CO2 rather than for oxygen! Here's the link for that historic article:

I've since accumulated evidence for this fact! I can have a usual meal with some carbohydrate, and the postprandial sugar at two hours would be about 10 mmol/l, and remain at about that level till it would eventually increase slightly after many hours.

 However, if I follow this meal up with a second meal some half an hour later or even two hours later, which is made-up of grilled lean lamb chops, (i.e. 'pure' protein), then the sugar drops to 5 or 6 mmol/l... This to me proves that it's the protein which is more important to the body rather than the sugar! Otherwise the sugar should remain at about 10 mmol/l if not go up slightly instead!

Hence, a diabetic should always include a great deal of fat-free meat in his meals (preferably grilled), and I feel that an oven with a griller should be a necessity in every kitchen. Hopefully my research is taken on board by the medical authorities.

Frank Pio Russo.

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