Practical differences between Einstein's relativity and Frank Russo's alternative theory.

Frank Pio Russo - February 19, 2018.

The reason that Einstein's theory was allowed to come about, was because scientists did not realize that regardless of whatever happens to the speed of light in a 'relative' frame, light still goes on to continue travelling at Cabsolute in the absolute frame. Plus the scientists involved made a major error in correcting only the denominator for the incurred effect due to the velocity of the earth: that results in incredibly bad mathematics: obviously both the numerators and denominators must be corrected proportionally! This fact was picked up in a paper of mine, by editor Jack Cohen as making publication of my article - ["the Michelson-Morley experiment: the final solution?" in Speculations in Science and Technology (1998)] - worthwhile!

In essence though, Einstein's 'time dilation' summarization is no more than a subjective generalization whereas I show exactly what happens! I.e. whereas I might show that light would travel for 1.174720299 seconds forward at 255,203,267 m/sec, and 0.825279701 second at 363,261,640.2 m/sec backwards... Einstein simply says that in 2 'time dilated' seconds light travels 299,792,458 metres forward and then backwards: really there's no comparison!

This difference was brought about by the simple reason that men are inherently very lazy - it's taken me a hell of a lot of work to show up Einstein's deficiencies! One of the facets of this laziness is that it's far easier to measure a time interval, rather than actually using both time and distance to calculate an actual velocity!

The initial mistake - believe or not - was made in correcting stellar aberration for the diurnal with a time correction (right ascension), rather than using the diurnal speed correction to the angle's tan... that way one eventually ended-up with a calculated aberration constant of 20.496"! Fortunately I was able to untangle the mess and extricate an absolute speed of light out of it, of 304,475,873.2 m/sec!

Sure! Perhaps we can carry-on with our time dilation corrections, provided we have the luxury of actually knowing exactly what really takes place! However we must drop all this non-sense about the twin paradox of time dilation! It is so easy for scientists to obliterate all memory of the fact that in the Michelson-Morley experiment development, it was supposedly only the light travelling with the velocity of the earth that was 'time dilated' - imagine all that uneven ageing!? What a lot of non-sense: there's definitely no time dilation or twin paradox! Einstein was deranged, simplistic and also psychotic! All he really did, was an amalgamation of what the major minds of the day were rejecting, whilst seriously contemplating it!

Finally, if NASA was to take Einstein seriously, they would house astronauts on rotating and gyrating gismos making sure they would age evenly all over their bodies, as they go on their travels - laughable isn't it?

Frank Pio Russo.



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