Letter to the Editor of Investigator Magazine:


Just wondering whether any readers have researched “Passion Plays”… apparently in the pre-Christian Mystery Religions there were passion plays that were regularly held, and these were apparently the possible precursors of the Christian “passion” Gospels… there are some who maintain that that’s what Marcion’s “Gospel of the Lord” is based upon… although it may have been influenced by Philo’s passion play (about 'the suffering servant' from Isaiah chapter 53)… apparently these passion plays were very similar to the Gospel accounts.


In actual fact it is very amusing that Philo’s writings survived at all, in view of the fact that the “Catholics” who presided over early church history, mutilated and censored just about everything (e.g. Apollonius)… apparently Eusebius who made most of the stuff up, was fooled by the notion that Philo’s writings might have been accounts of early Christianity.


Frank Russo. (September 07, 2014)

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