A Key Factor in the Miracle of Hair!

Frank Russo, January 04 2006.

As I've stated before, the reason for the blood/brain barrier is because the brain is mainly supposed to feed off oil or fats, and yet in most persons it runs mainly off glucose.

Now the reason there is so much hair on the head, is because these hairs when live, are supposed to be the fuel cells of the head. As I've said before, the lubrication angle of the hairs is very important. I now believe that hairs miraculously produce oils from sunlight and that these then tend to ooze out of the follicles thus providing nutrition for the skin as well. This property is further enhanced by adding quality olive oil to the hair. For then the solar energy can be channelled more towards inter-conversion to other substances.

The foregoing well illustrates why today's world ends-up with very oily hair, when they insist on 'cleaning' the oils out of their hair. Often eventually the hair is totally 'cleaned' and dies... even the scalp dries-up with dandruff in some cases. Wake-up people! And learn from what your bodies are telling you!

This  paper crystallized itself about six-months ago when an extremely beautiful woman last cut her hair! Her face changed dramatically... most people simply assume that it's just an optical illusion resulting from the shorter hair: who knows? Perhaps I'm wrong and they're right!

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